What Is VPS for? We Explain it ..

We will inform to you about VPS users. So, who needs a virtual private server ?

some jobs need a vps to help their work. They are :

High traffic Portal / website
If you drive one or several websites with very high traffic levels, then the actual Shared Hosting Service is no longer suitable for you. Then VPS be the most appropriate option for you.

Web Hosting Service Providers
In this case it could be that you are web hosting service providers or web developers who offer the hosting service as a one-stop service to their customers. There are 2 alternative solutions to this need, namely, using the services of a Hosting Re seller or using a virtual private server. Choose the use of a VPS be the choice of self-management service to your customers.

Enterprise and government
The most common needs in the business segment are Email, Database and Information Systems. Using a VPS is providing security because your company’s data and email put on a server that is private, separated from other clients. It allows the best privacy and greater security with a low cost according to the scale of the needs.

Web developer and Application Developer
By using VPS, you are free to create an account-the hosting account for your customers, offer integrated services that is certainly an added value for the customer. Environment VPS also make your own server more flexible so that according to the needs of the application being developed.

TV / Radio for audio Streaming video
VPS allows you to provide audio or video streaming without having to use a dedicated server. In addition, VPS can also be upgraded to suit Your needs from the side of the RAM, the CPU and the capacity of the platform.

Special Applications
You should usually use a dedicated server to install the application-special application such as map server, VOIP, OpenERP, game server and others. Now simply use the VPS with a price certainly well below a dedicated server.

The drawback of a VPS itself is a rather slow process, running it on your PC / laptop. This is usually due to the speed of the internet user in the access to the VPS itself, while the VPS itself is working correctly and at a high speed in the process to the internet