The Main Function Of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Compared to shared accommodation, a VPS is actually less popular. Most people use shared accommodation first because the cost is affordable and the operation is relatively easy compared to VPS. You can also include one of the shared hosting users.

There is interesting in increasing knowledge about VPS. Perhaps you need to increase your hosting to VPS in the near future.

There are various VPS functions you can use to improve the performance of your website or business you manage. The VPS Service can be used for a variety of things. Below several functions of the VPS.

Web Traffic

If you drive a website with traffic, VPS is a service that is appropriate for your website. If you are using a shared accommodation service, you can transfer shared accommodation services to a VPS service.

Traffic is very high on the website that is still using a Shared Hosting Service can result in the suspension of the domain, as it could potentially interfere with a shared resource that uses shared hosting.

Usually, the hosting service provider you use will tell you if the traffic on your website is already too high and the need to switch to a VPS service. In addition, you also need to check website traffic periodically to determine when the time is right to move the service to a VPS.
Small Web Hosting

For those of you who have a website creation services business or a developer, you can use the VPS service for web hosting clients. By using a VPS, you have total control of the website-a website that uses a VPS service you.

File hosting

Perhaps you are familiar with sites such as MediaFire, Zippy sharing, Dropbox, Google Drive, and various file storage sites. Sites online file storage That lets you store and access your files online.

The VPS service also allows you to save large files, best for private access and access by visitors to your website. You cannot find these features in shared hosting services because usually shared hosting disk space is only allowed for the purpose of making a website.

If you need the features of online file storage as a backup storage, file sharing services, the storage of movies, photos, software, storage and other large files, a VPS is a Service that is right for you.

As Remote Desktop

VPS also allows you to access and use a computer or server remotely. You have complete control over the server without being limited by the location. You can control the server wherever it is.

As a VPN

The VPS can also be used as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN is briefly defined as a network-a network that is connected via the internet, but can only be accessed by certain people.

The function of a VPS as a VPN   can be used by companies or organizations that need a private network only for employees or members. The company or organization can make VPS as VPN to save important data.